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Massage therapy has many health benefits in addition to being a relaxing and pleasurable experience. Graham Robson, DC, of Blackwell Chiropractic serving the Park Cities and University Park neighborhoods of Dallas, provides licensed massage therapy that can help a range of health conditions, including fibromyalgia and back pain. To learn more, just come on into the practice. You can also book an appointment online or over the phone.

Massage Therapy Q & A

What conditions are helped by massage therapy?

Massage therapy can relieve muscle tension and mental pressure. Very often, muscle tension and spasms are due to stress and other psychological causes, so massage therapy can both ease physical symptoms and promote feelings of relaxation and well-being. Massage therapy can also treat specific conditions, including:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Back pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Chronic pain conditions

Massage therapy is also useful in providing benefits for people with illnesses, such as cancer and depression, when used in conjunction with other treatments.

How does massage therapy work with chiropractic therapy?

When massage therapy is performed before your chiropractic treatment, it can relax your muscles and make chiropractic treatment more effective. And when massage therapy is given after your chiropractic treatment, it can help relax your newly adjusted muscles and tissues and help keep your newly aligned vertebrae in their correct positions.

Dr. Graham assesses each of his patients individually, and he will recommend massage therapy if he believes it will help your particular condition.

What happens during a massage session?

You’ll be in a warm, private room with a comfortable massage table that allows you to relax your body completely. Your therapist will massage every area of your body. A full massage usually takes about an hour.

There are many effective massage therapies. Popular types of massage therapy include:

  • Swedish massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Trigger point massage
  • Sports massage

Your therapist will use the most appropriate and effective method for your individual needs in consultation with Dr. Graham. Following your massage, you may feel a little sleepy, but this will only show that the treatment has been effective.

You should allow yourself time to resume your day gradually. In time, you will likely feel more energized, more aware, happier, and less stressed. To learn more about massage therapy, just come on into Blackwell Chiropractic. You can also book an appointment online or over the phone.