“How Do I Stay Healthy This Fall”

The summer has drawn to a close and fall is officially in full swing, which may have many of you asking, “How do I stay healthy this fall?” While fall is nearly everyone’s favorite season, it is also the calm before the storm. From the start of holidays and travel to the beginning of flu season, there are many things that can get in the way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle during autumn. As your trusted Dallas chiropractor, we want to help you stay healthy and feel great all year long, but especially during those seasons in which stress is increased, unhealthy habits tend to set in, and the immune system is easily compromised. Today, our team at Blackwell Chiropractic will share with you five tips to help you stay healthy all fall long.

Five Tips For Maintaining Your Health This Fall

Set A Schedule and Stick To It

Making a schedule for yourself will help you stay on a healthy routine. If you worked out four times a week all summer, keep up with those workouts. If you gave yourself a cheat day to enjoy some not-so-healthy fast food or indulge in a calorie- and sugar-packed adult beverage, continue rewarding yourself. Maintaining a schedule will not only keep you in line with your healthy practices, but it can also lessen the stresses that build up during fall as the holidays approach. You’ll have a plan for yourself that, while it may be more flexible in the fall, can help you feel your best.

Increase Intake Of Superfoods

Fall is extra awesome due in part to all the delicious foods that come into season. Apples, pumpkins, butternut squash, cranberries, and sweet potatoes are all seasonal superfoods that you should add to every meal. Autumn superfoods can give you a major nutrition boost to fuel your energy, boost your mood, fight off infections, and keep you looking and feeling great. But keep in mind that seasonal favorites like pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin bread, and apple crumbles can throw your diet for a loop. Opt instead for healthier versions of the autumn classics to reap the most reward from these and other fall superfoods.

Boost Your Immune System

It’s important to prepare your immune system for the months ahead of seasonal threats to your health like colds, flu, and other infections. Between the kids heading back to school, the start of fall allergy season, the HVAC systems in the office kicking into high gear, and an increase in stress as the holidays creep ever closer, your body is at risk of catching an infection. Give your immune system a boost with vitamins and nutrients from wholesome foods, drink plenty of water, load up on herbal teas and vitamin supplements like EmergenC®, and limit your intake of inflammatory foods packed with sugar, fat, and salt.   

Stay Active and Keep Moving

One way to boost your immune system is to stay active and moving. Add a stretching routine to your week, take a brisk walk outside three to five times a week for at least 20 minutes to get your heart rate going, and keep doing the activities you love to keep your bones and joints strong and your muscles flexible. What’s more, maintaining an active lifestyle can reduce pain, ease stress, improve your mood, help you sleep better, and boost your energy levels.    

Make Time For Wellness Care

Along with these healthy practices, get regular chiropractic adjustments to improve your posture, relieve pain, and improve nerve function. Visiting the chiropractor regularly can strengthen your immune system while relieving aches and pains, and help you better manage stress.

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