5 Inflammatory Foods to Avoid When You Have Joint Pain, Part 2

Welcome back! In part one of our short blog series, we began looking at foods that can contribute to joint inflammation. These foods include:

Joint pain is caused by a number of triggers, including injuries, chronic health conditions, and aging. While chiropractic care can effectively treat your joint pain, eating inflammatory foods can stimulate inflammation. As your trusted Dallas chiropractor, we want to provide you with the tools you need to care for your joints at home in combination with the chiropractic treatments you receive with us. Below, we have listed five more foods to avoid if you have joint pain.

MSG (Monosodium glutamate)

MSG is a flavor-enhancing ingredient most commonly found in sauces like soy sauce, Asian food, and fast food. Most people are largely unaware of other foods that contain MSG, including flavored canned chips like Pringles®, canned soups and soup mixes, salad dressings, and other processed sauces. MSG is a culprit of chronic inflammation and enhances joint pain caused by injury and age.


Gluten is found in a significant number of food products, especially those made with wheat, casein, barley, rye, and in dairy products. In the last decade, there have been numerous studies linking gluten foods to health and pain conditions including joint pain, and autoimmune diseases that cause joint pain. Eating a gluten-free diet can benefit anyone who suffers from joint pain, but it’s best to check with your Dallas chiropractor or physician before completely giving up gluten.

Artificial Sweeteners

We have even more bad news for sweets lovers — artificial sweeteners, along with sugars, contribute to joint swelling and inflammation. Sweeteners like aspartame are marketed to those who are trying to live a sugar-free life. However, artificial sweeteners may cause your body to react with an inflammatory response to this ingredient. Avoid diet sodas and other sugar-free products that could trigger inflammation and lead to more painful joints.

Adult Beverages

Some studies suggest that drinking a glass of wine or a pint of beer can have anti-inflammatory effects that can minimize the risk of developing joint conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. However, even when consumed in moderation, alcoholic beverages can stimulate inflammation in your body and joints if you already suffer from arthritis and other joint-related conditions. The Arthritis Foundation says it’s best to avoid alcohol altogether if you have joint issues.

Processed Red Meat

Red meat is an excellent source of protein and nutrients, but processed red meat can contribute to joint inflammation that can increase your pain and discomfort. Processed red meats include hot dogs, ham, corned beef, beef jerky, sausages, and canned meat, to name a few. If you suffer from arthritis, gout, or other health conditions that cause joint pain, stay away from these processed meats that can worsen your joint swelling.

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